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Nano Materials
Bandyopadhyay, A.K. , Professor, Govt. College of Engineering and Ceramic Technology, Kolkata.


  ISBN : 978-1-906574-27-7 
Price : £ 35
Pub. Date :
Sep. 2009
Edition :
Format  : Hardback   
Extent  :
320 Pages

To read a good book on nano science and technology, readers should have a reasonable grasp of quantum mechanics, which is exhaustively discussed in the first chapter. To be concerned with the technique of preparation of nano particles, two chapters are devoted on how to make different types of nano materials that are useful for various applications with their mechanical properties. The rest deals with the most important properties like magnetic, electronic and optical phenomena of nano materials citing the most useful and well-studied materials of importance today.

The author illustrates the novel techniques such as sol-gel method, Mössbauer spectroscopy for supermagnetic behaviour of nano-sized magnetite and many other methods, in order to have an edge on the interpretation of the experimental data to be able to elucidate the observed interesting property. All these subjects are given due importance as it is attracting a lot of attention of the scientists and technologists on the one hand, and on the other hand, both undergraduate and postgraduate students of various universities and institutes.


Dr. A.K. Bandyopadhyay, now a Professor at the Govt. College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, Kolkata, has a long association with nano materials and related subjects for over 25 years both in India and in the international arena.

After obtaining B.Tech. in Ceramics from Calcutta University in 1971 and M.Tech. in Metallurgy from I.I.T., Kanpur, in 1974, he did his Ph.D. from Sheffield University, U.K., in 1977 on  Amorphous Materials. After a post-doctoral work on Solid State Battery Systems at Sussex University (UK), he worked as a scientist in CNRS Materials Science Laboratory at Montpellier for six years in collaboration with various renowned laboratories in Europe and USA.

After working with various multinational companies and gaining useful industrial experience, he has again come back to teaching and research on various aspects of nano technology including theoretical research on nano ferroelectrics and photonic materials during the last six years with an active collaboration with some universities in the USA. He has more than 50 publications in international journals and he teaches Quantum Mechanics, Solid-state Physics and Glass Science at the moment.


  • General Introduction
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Nano Particles of Alumina and Zirconia
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Magnetic Properties
  • Electrical Properties
  • Optical Properties
  • Other Methods and Other Nano Materials

  • UG/PG students and teachers of physics and electronics engineering.
  • University and college libraries.
  • Material scientists and technologists working in diverse fields of nano materials.

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