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Elements of Quantum Mechanics
Dutta-Roy, Binayak , Ex Prof., Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics.


  ISBN : 978-1-906574-28-4 
Price : £ 50
Pub. Date :
Sep. 2009
Edition :
Format  : Hardback   
Extent  :
476 Pages

  • The basics of Quantum Mechanics set forth the underlying unity of the Heisenberg and Schrödinger approaches, as emphasized by Dirac, can be readily appreciable even by the beginners.
  • Discussion of diverse subjects in the selected topics can serve as a take-off point for initiation of project based studies and research works.
  • The book is the outcome of the author`s teaching and research experience at various international institutions over a period of more than four decades.


Elements of Quantum Mechanics targets as a text for studying and teaching Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers and faculty at colleges, universities and research institutions, and also for research scholars who need a clear understanding of basics and methods.

The chapters are segregated according to the need and demand of courses to be taught for the semesters and for advanced studies. The historical evolution of quantum theory and the need for a radical change in outlook is explained in brief. In order to make the presentation as self-contained as possible, necessary mathematical methods are introduced, building on simple intuitive notions with which the students are familiar. Quantization of the Electro-magnetic field as needed for radiative transitions in atomic, molecular and nuclear physics is simply explained. Field theoretic methods for many-body problems often not treated adequately in introductory textbooks is introduced in the last chapter.


Binayak Dutta-Roy did his PhD from Princeton University, USA and has published more than 100 research papers in International journals and has taught courses in diverse areas of physics for more than four decades in various institutes and universities in India and abroad. He retired as a Professor from the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics and is now teaching at the S N Bose National Centre for Basic Science.

He also taught at Calcutta University, and for over 5 semesters he taught basic physics for engineers at the Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA, McGill University, Montreal, Canada and at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA.


  • The Classical Framework
  • Need for a New Mechanics
  • Towards the New Mechanics   
  • Mathematical Preliminaries
  • Basics of Quantum Mechanics
  • Illustrative Problems in One Dimension
  • Rotational Symmetry and the Theory of Angular Momentum
  • The Two Body Problem: Bound States
  • The Two Body Problem: Scattering
  • Approximate Methods for Stationary States           
  • Approximate Methods for Time Dependent Problems
  • Symmetry and Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics
  • Radiative Transitions
  • Selected Topics
  • The Schrödinger Field and The Many Body Problem

  • UG/PG students and teachers of physics/chemistry.
  • University and college libraries.
  • Professionals and researchers.

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