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Nuclear Physics : Experimental and Theoretical
Hans, H.S.


  ISBN : 978-1-906574-70-3 
Price : 50
Pub. Date :
Mar, 2010
Edition :
Format  : Hardback   
Extent  :
784 Pages

  • Comprehensive text written in a simple and lucid language.

  • A new chapter `Theory and Nuclear Matter and Finite Nucleus` has been added to this new edition.


This comprehensive text presents not only a detailed exposition of the basic principles of nuclear physics but also provides a contemporary flavour by covering  the recent developments in the field.

Starting with a synoptic view of the subject, the book explains various physical phenomena in nuclear physics along with experimental methods of measurement.

Nuclear forces as encountered in two body problems are detailed next followed by the problems of radioactive decay. Nuclear reactions are then comprehensively explained along with the various models of reaction mechanism. This is followed by recent developments like the pre-equilibrium model and heavy ions induced reaction.


  • The Perspective

  • Static and Dynamical Properties of  Nuclei

  • Bound State Problem: The Deuteron

  • Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering at Low Energies

  • Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering at High Energies

  • Nuclear Forces

  • Radiative Transitions

  • Beta Decay

  • Alpha and Charged Particles Decay

  • Shell Model

  • Collective Model

  • Particle States and Collective Motion in Nuclei

  • Compound Nucleus Model

  • Direct Reactions

  • Optical Model

  • Pre-Equilibrium Model

  • Heavy Ion Induced Nuclear Reactions

  • Theory of Nuclear Matter and Finite Nucleus


  • UG/PG students of Nuclear Physics
  • University and college libraries
  • Teachers, practicing scientists and researchers.

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