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An Elementary Treatise on Pure Geometry with Numerous Examples
Russell, J W


  ISBN : 978-1-781830-36-9 
Price : 20
Pub. Date :
Edition :
Format  : Paperback   
Extent  :
280 Pages

  • Knowledge of ordinary curriculum in Geometry is a prerequisite.
  • Concepts are explained with solved examples.
  • Aspects of Geometry Euclid, Geometric cones etc. explained with illustrations.
  • Points have been denoted by A, B, C.........., lines by a, b, c..........,and planes and lines by .
  • Miscellaneous example at the end of the book help the readers to test their understanding.


    In writing this book, covering Euclid and Geometric cones, it is assumed the reader has passed through the ordinary curriculum in Geometry. No rigid notation is followed but points have been denoted by A, B, C, ..., lines by a, b, c ...., and planes and conics by a,b,g .... . ?r.h? has been used for rectangular hyperbola. Director has been used to include the ?director circle? of a central conic and the ?directrix? of a parabola. The length of the perpendicular from the point A on the line b has been denoted by (A, b).


    J W Russell was a great Mathematician and renowned scholar of early 20th century. He was a believer of Mathematical moderations. His work and concepts about geometry have been published worldwide and are still among best sellers. He was also a fellow and lecturer of Merton College, Balliol, USA.


  • Pure Geometry
  • Harmonic Ranges and Pencils
  • Harmonic Properties of a Circle
  • Projection
  • Harmonic Properties of a Conic
  • Carnot?s Theorem
  • Foci of a Conic
  • Reciprocation
  • Anharmonic or Cross Ratio
  • Homographic Ranges and Pencils
  • Anharmonic Properties of Points on a Conic
  • Anharmonic Properties of Tangents of a Conic
  • Poles and Polars.Reciprocation
  • Properties of Two Triangles
  • Pascal?s Theorem and Brianchon?s Theorem
  • Homographic Ranges on a Conic
  • Ranges in Involution
  • Pencils in Involution
  • Involution of Conjugate Points and Lines
  • Involution Range on a Conic
  • Involution of a Quadrangle
  • Pole-Locus and Centre-Locus
  • Involution of a Quadrilateral
  • Constructions of The First Degree
  • Constructions of The Second Degree
  • Method of Trial and Error
  • Imaginary Points and Lines
  • Circular Points and Circular Lines
  • Projection, Real and Imaginary
  • Generalization by Projection
  • Homology
  • Miscellaneous Examples


  • Undergraduate and graduate students and teachers of Mathematics
  • University and college libraries
  • Professionals and researchers.

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