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Engineering Graphics : Solving the Intricacies of Orthographic Projection
Chandra, A M


  ISBN : 978-1-78183-022-2 
Price : 35
Pub. Date :
Edition :
Format  : Paperback   
Extent  :
228 Pages

The text mainly focuses on solving the intricacies of orthographic projection, the very basis of all engineering drawings, and therefore, other projection systems have not been discussed. The salient features of the text are:

  • Various planes of projection considered in orthographic projection have been presented in such a manner that they can be easily visualized which is essential in solving the problems using orthographic projection.
  • Rules for obtaining projections have been derived from the presented theory behind them, and have been used wherever needed to make the readers understand the steps involved in solving a particular problem.
  • All different options available to solve a particular problem have been discussed as far as possible.
  • The illustrative examples along with typical illustrative examples make the subject clearer.
  • Multicolour illustrations using specific colours for specific features throughout the book make the readers understand the illustrations very clearly and easily.
  • Text utilizes its own notations and abbreviations which avoid repeated use of long terms.


  • Lettering, Dimensioning, Geometrical Constructions and Scales
  • Orthographic Projection
  • Concept of Planes in Space
  • Projection of Point
  • Projection on Auxiliary Planes
  • Projection of Line
  • Oblique Planes
  • Two-Dimensional Objects (Plane Figures)
  • Three-Dimensional Objects (Solids)
  • Sections of Solids
  • Development of Surfaces
  • Computer Graphics


  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students and teachers of Civil Engineering and Geology
  • University and college libraries
  • Practicing engineers.

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