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Plane Trigonometry Part-I
Loney, S.L. , Prof. of Maths, Royal Holloway Coll., Egham Surrey, U K Fellow, Sidney Sussex Coll., Cambridge, U


  ISBN : 978-1-78183-109-0 
Price : 35
Pub. Date :
Edition :
Format  : Hardback   
Extent  :
304 Pages

  • Comprehensive coverage of concepts dealing with finding angles and sides of triangles
  • Giving extensive self-sufficient problems to help students master trigonometry
  • Worked examples and exercises conform to metric system.


This book on trigonometry is the product of the author?s experience in teachinglearning the subject. His realization for a textbook on trigonometry that explains core concepts of triangles dealing with their sides and their angles made him to write this textbook. The discussion on various concepts and exercises given in it will provide encouragement to serious learners. It is a must-have book for those preparing for various science and engineering entrance examinations.


S L Loney, MA (1860–1939) was Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Holloway College, Egham Surrey, London, UK and a fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, UK. Loney was educated at Maidstone Grammar School, in Tonbridge and at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, UK, where he graduated as 3rd Wrangler in 1882. He has authored numerous books on Mathematics which are widely in use. This book still happens to be the only reference book on the subject used across various universities.


  • Measurement of Angles; Sexagesimal and Centesimal and Circular Measure
  • Trigonometrical Ratios for Angles less than a Right Angle, Values for Angles of 45, 30, 60, 0 and 90
  • Simple Problems in Heights and Distances
  • Application of Algebraic Signs to Trigonometry, Tracing the changes in the Ratios
  • Trigonometrical Functions of Angles of Any Size and Sign, Ratios for−θ, 90 −θ, 90 + θ
  • General Expressions for All Angles having a given Trigonometrical Ratio
  • Trigonometrical Ratios of the Sum and Difference of Two Angles, Product Formulae
  • The Trigonometrical Ratios of Multiple and Submultiple Angles, Explanation of Ambiguities, Angles of 18, 36 and 9
  • Identities and Trigonometrical Equations
  • Logarithms, Table of Logarithms
  • The Principle of Proportional Parts
  • Relations Between the Sides and the Trigonometrical Ratios of the Angles of a Triangle
  • Solution of Triangles, Given two sides and the included angle, Ambiguous Case
  • Heights and Distances
  • Properties of a Triangle, The circle connected with a given Triangle, Orthocentre and Pedal Triangle, Centroid and Medians
  • On Quadrilaterals and Regular Polygons
  • Trigonometrical Ratios of Small Angles, Area of aCircle. Dip of the Horizon
  • Inverse Circular Functions
  • On Some Simple Trigonometrical Series
  • Elimination
  • Projections

  • Undergraduate students and teachers of Mathematics and Statistics
  • College and University libraries.

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