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Plane Trigonometry Part-II
Loney, S.L. , Prof. of Maths, Royal Holloway Coll., Egham Surrey, U K Fellow, Sidney Sussex Coll., Cambridge, U


  ISBN : 978-1-78183-110-6 
Price : 30
Pub. Date :
Edition :
Format  : Hardback   
Extent  :
192 Pages

  • Discussion of complex quantities with trigonometric applications
  • Extensive problems reinforcing concepts
  • Sufficient explanatory examples given.


    The author discusses complex quantities using trigonometric functions and identities to familiarize students with the range of applications of trigonometric concepts being explained in part I of his book plane trigonometry. Though part I is a prerequisite, but the discussion made in this part gives students sound grounding in trigonometry and its applications. Students with mathematics as core part of their curriculum will find it handy.


    S L Loney, MA (1860–1939) was Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Holloway College, Egham Surrey, London, UK and a fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, UK. Loney was educated at Maidstone Grammar School, in Tonbridge and at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, UK, where he graduated as 3rd Wrangler in 1882. He has authored numerous books on Mathematics which are widely in use. This book still happens to be the only reference book on the subject used across various universities.


    • Exponential and Logarithmic Series
    • Complex Quantities
    • Expansions of sin nθ and cos nθ Series for sin θ and cos θ in Powers of θ
    • Expansions of Sines and Cosines of Multiple Angles and Powers of Sines and Cosines
    • Exponential Series for Complex Quantities. Circular Functions for Complex Angles. Hyperbolic Functions
    • Logarithms of Complex Quantities
    • Gregory?s Series. Calculation of the Value of π
    • Summation of Series. Expansions in Series
    • Resolution into Factors. Infinite Products for sin θ and cos θ
    • Principle of Proportional Parts
    • Errors of Observations
    • Miscellaneous Propositions


  • Undergraduate and graduate students and teachers of Mathematics
  • University and college libraries.
  • Undergraduate students and teachers of Mathematics and Statistics
  • College and University libraries.

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