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A School Geometry
Hall, H S
Stevens, F H


  ISBN : 978-1-78183-030-7 
Price : 20
Pub. Date :
Edition :
Format  : Paperback   
Extent  :
380 Pages

  • Geometrical ideas explained with easy exercises showing drawings
  • Theorems and problems are presented side by side
  • Large number of examples involving graphical or numerical works.


Elementary Geometry by Hall & Stevens is the introduction of basic geometrical shapes. The book illustrates fundamental geometrical constructions and their various properties. It takes students in a logical way to learn the different shapes and the ways they are drawn.
Thereafter, the book discusses various axioms and definitions of geometry to explain the concepts thoroughly. The science students will find the book very useful in developing a strong foundation in eometry that will help them in other subjects as well.


H S Hall was a brilliant scholar of mathematics. He completed his MA and was formerly a scholar of Christ’s college, Cambridge, U.K. In addition, he was also head of the military side, Clifton college in United Kingdom. He wrote many books on different aspects of mathematics to contribute to the spread of mathematical knowledge and skills among students of United Kingdom and also of the larger world.

F H Stevens had a master’s degree and was honoured with the position of Assistant Master of the military and engineering side at Clifton college in the United Kingdom. In co-authorship with H S Hall, he wrote this book to explain elementary geometry that finds wide applications in science and engineering education.


Unit I

  • Axioms (Definitions and Postulates)
  • On Lines and Angles
  • On Triangles
  • Parallels
  • Parallelograms
  • Practical Geometry. Problems
  • Loci
Unit II
  • On Areas
  • Problems on Areas
  • Axes of Reference, Coordinates
  • Miscellaneous Exercises
  • Answers to Numerical Exercises
Unit III
  • The Circle (Definitions and First Principles)
  • On Chords
  • On Angles in Segments, Angles at the Centres and Circumferences of Circles
  • Tangency
  • Problems (Geometrical Analysis)
  • Circles in relation to Rectilineal Figures
  • Theorems and Examples on Circles and Triangles
Unit IV
  • Geometrical Equivalents of some Algebraical Formulae
  • Rectangles in Connection with Circles
  • Problems
  • Answers to Numerical Exercises
Unit V
  • On Proportion
  • Proportional Division of Straight Lines
  • Equiangular Triangles
  • Problems
  • Similar Figures
  • Proportion Applied to Areas
  • Rectangles in Connection with Circles
  • Miscellaneous Theorems and Examples
  • Answers to Numerical Exercises
Unit VI
  • Solid Geometry
  • Solid Figures
  • Solids of Revolution
  • Answers to Numerical Exercises


  • Undergraduate and graduate students and teachers of Mathematics
  • University and college libraries.

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