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1.   Plant Molecular Biotechnology
Mahesh, S. , Asst. Professor Deptt. of Biotechnology, R.V. College of Engg., Bangalore, Karnataka

The book provides background knowledge on the molecular biology of plants and a comprehensive description of plant biotechnology. It is in three parts. Part A deals with an overview of Plant Molecular....

ISBN : 978-1-906574-14-7
Year : Jul, 2009   
Edition : 1st   
Pages :
Price : 40
Binding : Hardback

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2.   Organic Reactions and their Mechanisms
Kalsi, P S

The book is designed to provide a comprehensive coverage in the area of organic reactions mechanism for chemistry major/graduate students. The practice of medicine now-a-days increasingly demands the ....

ISBN : 978-1-906574-36-9
Year : Apr, 2010   
Edition : 3rd   
Pages :
Price : 45
Binding : Hardback

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